biggest crisis ever: can’t log into my old Neopets account. I think I deleted the recovery email. HALP.

  · Yayyy

Went to the gym for the first time in a month yesterday D:

Super sore today from:

  • 4.6km on bike (5:24 min)
  • 1 legged russian deadlifts (with 12lb db)
  • lunges (with 12lb db)
  • kettlebells (don’t remember the weight)
  • bulgarian split squats (with 12lb db)

Didn’t eat enough during the day on Monday, started feeling faint by cool down run. Also got massive shark week cramps (2 weeks late because of exam stress…) at the beginning. So not the greatest of workouts, but I still went! :D

spectroscopy (quantum chemistry) and differential equations finally start to make sense and are getting more fun to do.

too bad both exams are tomorrow and i’m dying from cramming T_T

i hope y’all have a great exam season


here are my library snacks. i had to refute some person who posted a pic of: monster, pack of smokes, coke and chips as ‘exam food’

can you tell how much energy i have

i just got another coffee to stay awake until sleep…. put some irish cream in it…. tastes like bailey’s and now i want to drink rjekhrlkjsehr